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Meillä on teknisiä ongelmia. Emme ole pystyneet vastaanottamaan lomakettasi. Pahoittelemme ja pyydämme yrittämään uudelleen myöhemmin.


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Meillä on teknisiä ongelmia. Emme ole pystyneet vastaanottamaan lomakettasi. Pahoittelemme ja pyydämme yrittämään uudelleen myöhemmin.


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Hyödynnä vaativiin tuotantoympäristöihin suunnitellut laadukkaat ja luotettavat ratkaisumme. Omronin innovatiivisiin ja skaalattaviin ratkaisuihin kuuluvat muun muassa tulot, lähdöt, logiikka, ohjaus, konenäkö, turvallisuus, liikkeenohjaus ja robotiikka. Tekoälyratkaisut auttavat vastaamaan asiakkaiden vaatimuksiin tuotteiden luotettavasta laadusta ja ennakoivasta kunnossapidosta.

Halusitpa sitten optimoida prosessit kokoonpanoa, voimansiirtoa, särmäystä tai muotoilua, akkua tai muuta ajoneuvon keskeistä osaa varten, Omronin asiantuntemus ja täydellinen tekniikkavalikoima maksimoivat tuottavuuden tarkastuksesta ja jäljitettävyydestä aina sisäiseen logistiikkaan ja kokoonpanoon asti.


Automaatioratkaisut autoteollisuudelle

cisel cobot billboard sol

Cisel ensures traceability, safety and quality by testing printed circuit boards with a cobot

torstai 17. kesäkuuta 2021 Cisel is an Italian company that specialises in the design and production of flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the automotive, civil engineering and manufacturing industries. The company recently chose an OMRON TM5 collaborative robot (cobot) to automate the electrical testing of boards used in the power steering system of a leading automotive manufacturer.

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litmat newsletter images a bboard sol

Cobot ensures precise assembly of magnets for LITMAT’s drain plugs

torstai 3. kesäkuuta 2021 Collaborative robots (cobots) are being used more and more extensively, in a range of different industries and across a wide variety of applications. They can make a significant difference to the efficiency and productivity of the production cycle. One company that is enjoying such benefits is LITMAT SpA.

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e-mobility 2 bboard misc

Zero-defect philosophy helps resolve the world’s future issues

perjantai 5. kesäkuuta 2020 Imagine the city center of a modern metropolis in 2030: a multitude of unmanned, electrically-powered vehicles driving swiftly and silently through the streets. These vehicles sense traffic lights and other road signs and make decisions using artificial intelligence. They avoid people, who unexpectedly cross their path. They detect and avoid dangerous situations before they occur. And they contribute to everyone’s health and safety. But what happens if the associated electrical systems fail? Omron is already addressing this problem today.

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Aiheeseen liittyvät artikkelit

europe battery industry 1 background bboard misc

Powering the European automotive industry

perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2021 The European automotive industry is facing strong competition from Asia, as well as the economic challenges of the pandemic. It needs to develop innovative, future-proof strategies and technologies that will boost both efficiency and sustainability. Tony Seba from Stanford University believes that by 2025, no more new vehicles with (pure) combustion engines will be sold and there will be a move towards battery or hydrogen-powered fuel cells. Meanwhile, the industry faces falling sales, increasingly strict emissions regulations, new technologies, digitisation and changing consumer needs. Companies must respond by converting their production lines; becoming more agile; and introducing innovations that provide a competitive edge.

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e-mobility 1 bboard misc

Energizing European battery cell production

perjantai 1. toukokuuta 2020 What can European automotive companies do to future-proof their production lines, especially in relation to battery manufacturing? Robotics, automated quality control and artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies to tackle the strong competition they are facing from Asia.

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  • fhv7 module side prod

    High-speed, high-accuracy inspection and measurement

  • mobilerobot 2 prod

    Fully Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • ipc box panel prod

    IPC Machine Controller

  • robotarm tm whitebackground prod

    Built for the Future of Automation